The Nikki Sands Mysteries

Murder Uncorked

"All the sparkle, complexity, and romance of a fine champagne."

- Amazon Review

When an entitled customer with a bad attitude gets Nikki fired from her job as a waitress, Nikki Sands finds herself caught in the sights of the wealthy and incredibly sexy Derek Malveaux. 

Impressed by her knowledge of wines – and embarrassed by his date – he offers her a job as a winery manager at his vineyard and she accepts because – well, a girl’s gotta eat.

Where else would her wine expertise come in handy anyway? The eye candy was a nice bonus too.

On her first night at Malveaux Estate, Nikki finds something wrong with the fertilizer around the bushes by her cottage: there’s a dead body in it.

Smack in the middle of the investigation, new girl Nikki is questioned as the prime suspect and told to stay put in Napa Valley. Nikki puts her sleuthing skills to work as she navigates the dramatic dynamic of Malveaux Estate’s residents. As she gets closer to the truth, Nikki realizes she will have more than just a new job to worry about.

Murder Uncorked is the first book in the seven book Wine Lover’s Mystery series. The series is full of romance, murder, mystery, and there are excellent recipes for you to try between each chapter!

The Nikki Sands Mysteries

Murder Uncorked

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