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“Pop” open a new series!

Intelligently campy in flavor, this seven-book series is a romantic, modern take on the murder mystery genre.  Set in the monied circles of Napa’s wine country, where the small-town wealthy bed hop, booze and backstab… sometimes literally, amateur sleuth Nikki Sands has a knack for uncovering skeletons in other’s closets, while keeping her own tightly locked away.

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Cozy murder mysteries and irresistible romance, all in one place!

Welcome! If you’re looking for a cozy murder mystery to get wrapped up in, you’ve come to the right place. Pour yourself a glass of wine and snuggle up with any one of my mysteries. If you love horses, wine, and murder, you’ll fit right in here.

A little bit about me…

You can tell by any one of my books that I’m a sucker for romance, I love my horses, and wine is my drink of choice. I love to cook, and – most importantly – I love to write!

Do you want something a little bloodier?

You should meet my alter ego! Hop on over to A.K. Alexander’s website and get your fix of thrilling police procedurals, sprinkled with romance and full of moral ambiguity!