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“Pop” open a new series!

When an entitled customer with a bad attitude gets Nikki fired from her job as a waitress, Nikki Sands finds herself caught in the sights of the wealthy and incredibly sexy Derek Malveaux. Impressed by her knowledge of wines – and embarrassed by his date – he offers her a job as a winery manager at his vineyard and she accepts because – well, a girl’s gotta eat. Where else would her wine expertise come in handy anyway? The eye candy was a nice bonus too.

On her first night at Malveaux Estate, Nikki finds something wrong with the fertilizer around the bushes by her cottage: there’s a dead body in it.

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Cozy murder mysteries and irresistible romance, all in one place!

Welcome! If you’re looking for a cozy murder mystery to get wrapped up in, you’ve come to the right place. Pour yourself a glass of wine and snuggle up with any one of my mysteries. If you love horses, wine, and murder, you’ll fit right in here.

A little bit about me…

You can tell by any one of my books that I’m a sucker for romance, I love my horses, and wine is my drink of choice. I love to cook, and – most importantly – I love to write!