Michaela Bancroft Mysteries

Equal parts suspense and understated romance set in the high dollar world of the Reining Horse Competition.

Lies, lust and murder make up this bestselling mystery series set in the male-dominated, high dollar world of Reining Horse Competition. Michaela Bancroft is the rare woman trainer and runs her own Palm Desert ranch. Talented on a horse, fiercely loyal to her animals, family and friends, she stands out as a sassy exception to the cowboy codes and cultural norms that drive these high-dollar circles of competition.

With show horses having sales tags of up to a million dollars, it’s a world where rules are broken, lives are ruined, and all bets are off when it comes to a prized horse laying down the winning run.

EQUAL PARTS SUSPENSE AND UNDERSTATED CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE, "Saddled with Trouble" is a fast-paced murder mystery that revolves around Michaela Bancroft, a 32-year-old horse trainer whose personal life is quickly coming apart at the seams. Struggling through an ugly divorce and in danger of losing her southern California ranch to creditors, Bancroft finds her already chaotic life turned upside down when her beloved uncle Lou is found murdered in a stable stall, impaled by a pitchfork.

The distraught Bancroft vows to find the person or people behind the senseless homicide, but the deeper she digs into her uncle's secretive past (an ill-managed business venture involving an artificial insemination breeding program, rumors of infidelity, mysterious payoffs, etc.), the more potential suspects come to the forefront. Even Bancroft's closest friends --- trusted veterinarian Ethan Slater and her fun-loving roommate, Camden -- become prime suspects. Ignoring the advice of extremely hot detective Jude Davis, Bancroft continues snooping around and soon finds herself the killer's next target….


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