The Nikki Sands Mysteries

A Toast to Murder

"If you love cozy mysteries, I would [recommend] these books. You don't have to be a wine-drinker in order to love these books. I am not a wine-drinker. The most these recipes have made me crave is sparkling bubbly grape juice or apple juice. And oh, I did not mention the recipes. They sound exotic."

- Amazon Review

The big day is swiftly approaching for Nikki Sands—Manager of the Malveaux Estates in Napa Valley—and her fiance Derek Malveaux, who owns the winery. But when they start receiving cryptic messages questioning their belief in fate, things quickly turn fatal…

As the wedding grows closer, it seems the entire affair is cursed. A chewing gum fiasco forces Nikki to cut her hair and go platinum blonde. Then Derek’s old college buddies, along with an assortment of old flames and frustrating family relations, show up to work Nikki’s last nerve. But when Nikki’s close pal Simon is shot as he walks her down the aisle, Nikki realizes that she has to find a matrimonial murderer before her wedding becomes someone’s funeral.

The Nikki Sands Mysteries

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A Toast to Murder

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