So much for slowing down and enjoying the second chapter of her life—when Ella discovers a dead body, she becomes entangled in a whole new mystery!

Ella McBane thought the whole murder mystery thing was behind her. Now she’s dating, shooing off former flames who keep intruding on her life, and landing upscale catering gigs left and right. Life is going swimmingly… Until she discovers a body in the pool of a mega mansion she’d just catered an open house at. It also happens to be a home listed for sale by her best friend Noelle. Is this an accidental death or something more sinister? Ella’s gut tells her it’s the latter, but cops write the death off as accidental. She must get to the bottom of this mysterious death with the help of Noelle, before it’s too late. Swimmingly Dead expertly combines romance, intrigue, humor, culinary temptations (and plenty of fun 80s and 90s references!) to make a heart-pounding, hilariously fun ride in Michele Scott’s latest read.