"Love this book! I can not wait for the next one in the series. Silent Harmony was suspenseful and Dark Harmony was even better. The characters are colorful and lovable, except for the villains... evil and unpredictable. There was plenty of gripping suspense in the show ring and out. Even if you don't live and breathe horses, this book will not disappoint."

- Amazon Review

As seventeen-year-old Vivienne Taylor returns to Fairmont Riding Academy for the second semester, she just wants to get past the drama that dominated her first months at the school.

Reunited with her beloved horse, Harmony, Vivvie vows to focus on riding, particularly with the announcement that a select group of students will be chosen to compete at a Three Day Event in Kentucky, with access to world class coaches afterwards. Making the team is exactly what Vivvie needs to get to the next level. Yet she’s hardly back before her talent for reading the animals’ minds gives her a slew of troubling insights, not the least of which is that certain horses seem to be walling themselves off from her. The horses make her increasingly suspicious of everything from new student Joel’s actions to her boyfriend’s troubled past. But it’s not until someone incredibly close to Vivvie goes missing that she realizes she must seek out the truth no matter the risks.

As Vivvie trains for the hyper-competitive Three Day Event, she must not only solve the mysteries around her and tune into the horses she loves so much, but she must listen to her own heart, too.

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Silent Harmony

Dark Harmony

Perfect Harmony

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