Not your usual mystery book premise. I think you will enjoy the mystery and intrigue as well as the supernatural story line.

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New York Times bestselling authors A.K. Alexander and Jen Greyson are back with everyone’s favorite new Assassin from The Archangel Agenda.

Evangeline Heart isn’t giving up without a fight as she returns in The God Game to locate the next relic in hopes of unlocking the back gate to Hell. Evangeline Heart (Lina) is on the quest to save her fiancé Griffin’s soul from Hell—literally. 

It seems as if the Angel of Death Azazel has stolen Griffin’s soul from entering the gates of Heaven after he was murdered in retaliation for a hired kill of Lina’s. Now, Lina has been strongly urged to rescue the love of her life’s soul by the Archangel Metatron who claims she is the only one with this capability… Metatron has assembled a unique team to help Lina on her quest to locate three ancient relics that hold the keys to unlocking the gates of Hell--a scholar as ancient as the relics he knows about, with a slipping mind and fierce fervor for the cause, a flippant but very cute professional thief who doesn’t take anything serious, except maybe the day’s fantasy football picks, and Lina's aging mentor recovering from hip surgery round out her crew.

Lina soon realizes that The Angel of Death and his foot soldiers will do whatever they can to keep her from succeeding, and while she’s used to having bad guys after her, looking over her shoulder in The God Game has upped the ante to an entirely new level.

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