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As an act of retaliation, Evangeline’s fiance was murdered. She learns his soul is trapped in Hell and she’d be damned if she let it stay there.

With one relic in her possession and the hosts of heaven and hell at each other’s throats, Lina continues to fight to free her soulmate and save mankind. New powerful players enter the arena in The God Game.


Sex and the city meets Nancy Drew on the vineyard…

If you enjoy sitting down with a glass of wine and a good book, Michele Scott’s Wine Lover’s Mystery series is perfect for you!

Michele has written over 36 books to date and sold millions of copies. The Wine Lover’s Mysteries started it all in 2004 and is still relevant and extremely popular today…combining mystery, romance, drama, comedy and…recipes and wine pairings. There’s a little bit for everyone in these best selling mysteries! 

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Murder Uncorked

Murder by the Glass

Silenced by Syrah

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