Michele Scott

Hear No Evil

The firsHear No Evil by  A.K. Alexander and J.R. Raint in an exciting new PSI Trilogy by #1 bestselling authors, A.K. Alexander and J.R. Rain! Hear No Evil is a supernatural spy thriller with a sexy twist.

Audial telepath Kylie Cain works for a black ops branch of the CIA (PSI: Psychic Sensory Intelligence). Now tasked with the biggest challenge of her life when a faction of rogue operatives who call themselves WON (World Order Now) kidnap eleven-year-old Hope Mitchell, a powerful girl who may be the link to other worlds, Kylie feels immediately drawn to the girl’s energy, and vows to save her.

┬áKylie’s elite team of psychic spies soon discover that not only is Hope Mitchell an audial telepath, too, but the girl has another special gift – a gift that could change the courses of the past, present and future. A gift that could open up worlds…and destroy them.

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