Michele Scott

Flight 12: An Evie Preston Thriller

Flight 12New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Scott continues everyone’s favorite amateur sleuth, Evie Preston’s, story.

Evie Preston has the most difficult decision of her life to make. Remain in the here and now and pursue the dream opportunity she’s just been given. OR…find a way to the dark portal (where she risks never being able to return) to discover what happened to her missing sister and her dead boyfriend.

What do you get when a dozen bestselling, award-winning mystery/thriller authors write brand-new material centered on one heart-stopping event?

You get FLIGHT 12, the revolutionary followup by The Twelve to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling DEADLY DOZEN. The groundbreaking FLIGHT 12 series will feature a new release from each member of The Twelve, plus very special guests, with a conclusion so thrilling it could only come from the minds of our readers.

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Join The Twelve in the ongoing FLIGHT 12 project. Don’t just read about your favorite characters, participate in the story, win prizes, and see storytelling in a totally new way…find out more about FLIGHT 12 here.

May 12 New York (AP): A Skyway Airlines flight carrying 375 passengers and 13 crew bound for Rome’s Fiumicino airport from New York’s JFK International Airport has disappeared off the radar overnight according to airline spokespersons. This is a developing story.

So, thriller fans, it’s time.

Fasten your safety belts. Return your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright and locked position. Review the safety information card in your seatback pocket once more before take off.

Ready? Here we go! Enjoy the ride!

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