Michele Scott

Covert Reich


Young, homeless, pregnant minority women and their unborn infants are dying in the emergency rooms of East Los Angeles…

After three pregnant, homeless women die within a week of one another inside the emergency room of County Hospital in East Los Angeles, Dr. Kelly Morales begins to question why and how. When she attempts to question her colleague, pathologist Dr. Jake Hamilton, he becomes agitated over her questions. Hours later, Dr. Hamilton is murdered.

A cryptic e-mail is sent to journalist Georgia (Gem) Michaels insisting she look into the brutal slaying of a San Diego County family in 2008 that was chalked up to The Mexican Cartel. The e-mail also insists she keeps an eye on her neighbor. At first, Gem thinks the e-mail is just a joke, but her gut tells her that maybe checking out her handsome but odd neighbor is worth her time.

Terrorized and brutalized chemist Dr. Ryan Horner is being held against his will. He knows that if he does not do the bidding of a group that calls itself The Brotherhood, the lives of his wife and children are at grave risk.

In a race against good versus true evil, Dr. Kelly Morales, Gem Michaels, Dr. Ryan Horner, and Detective Tony Pazzini search to uncover and expose the truth behind the deaths and murders that make up Project Covert Reich.


Read an excerpt from Covert Reich Chapter 1

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