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Filled with good murder suspects along with enough twists and turns allowing the reader to guess and guess again throughout the novel.

When polo rider Sterling Tabor is clubbed to death with a polo mallet, suspicion falls on Michaela Bancroft.

Of an alleged affair with the murder victim send Michaela into a rage and on the hunt for her own answers.

When a seedy secret from the past comes to light, Michaela finds herself in the worst kind of trouble— the deadly kind.

A new tack shop and a gala polo match are reasons to celebrate for horse trainer Michaela Bancroft—until equestrian Sterling Tabor is found clubbed to death with a polo mallet. Worse yet, suspicion falls on Michaela…

The weapon belongs to Michaela, her prints are all over it, and rumors of her alleged affair with the victim aren’t helping. With her boyfriend Detective Jude Davis out of town, Michaela doesn’t stand a chance of proving her innocence and clearing her name unless she delves into Tabor’s mysterious life—and death—on her own. But in unearthing a real suspect and a motive, she discovers a deadly past. And Tabor’s shady friends are more than willing to throw Michaela off the track—for good.

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Book three in the Michaela Bancroft Trilogy

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