Michele Scott

Beyond Books

The Character Corner is all about some of the reader’s and my favorite series characters. Readers will be able to check in and see what Nikki Sands, Michaela Bancroft, and Evie Duncan are up to when they aren’t knee deep in solving mysteries.

Readers can expect to get some fun recipes and entertaining guides form Nikki, and Simon will likely drop in a time or two to discuss fashion greats, faux pas, and the ‘steal of a deal,’ where readers will learn where they can get the latest and greatest trends for the best prices.

If you are animal person like Michaela and myself, then this is where you will find interesting and helpful tips and stories for horse and dog owners.


And, Evie Preston is my newest sleuth who works with some deadly characters—as in they are already dead. Not only are Evie’s allies ghosts, they happen to be famous ghosts like Elvis, Bob Marley, Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe, etc. In Evie’s corner, she’ll talk about the famous dead celebs and share some of her own personal ghost stories.

Evie Michaela